The Morning After

He took a deep breath, still sitting in his car, he didn’t feel hung over which meant he was still drunk. He knew he was late; finally he got out of the car and headed inside. The rest of the team had already arrived and were getting ready for the morning workout, stretching and telling funny stories about the night before. He kept the hood of his sweatshirt up trying to go as long as he could without showing his face.

“What happened to you?” Jim, the team caption asked. One of the other guys pulled the hood off his head revealing two black eyes and a huge scratch on his right cheek.

“Wait,” someone said, the whole team was watching intently now. “Is that a bruise on your neck?” The question came from the back of the room.

“Where does that scratch lead,” one of the guys said pointing to a scratch that started at the base of his neck and disappeared under his sweatshirt.

“Ok,” he said, his cheeks started to get red, “you guys want to see?” He pulled up his shirt and threw it to the floor…, “do you remember the girl from the bar last night?” he said looking at the captain.

“She did that to you?” The captain laughed.

Jim’s face was on fire now. “Things were going good, getting a little rough but good. Then the handcuffs came out, she went to get… hell I don’t know what she went to get but her cat went crazy.”

Funny Stories Cat

I found this photo at tmzgirlszone, just click the cat, you’ll find it

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