Renewing our vows, at least we tried (flash fiction)

It was a beautiful day, May 1st 2028; I stood on the patio of a cabin overlooking a valley, the early morning mist rising just over the trees. I remember that moment, everything was perfect, my wife and I were going to renew our vows later that evening and I could feel the excitement. It’s too bad I couldn’t predict the future!

We didn’t have a formal wedding twenty years ago and I think we both had a little regret. Oh well, I thought, this is going to be a perfect celebration, finally I get to display my feelings to my wife who was also my best friend. I had been working on my vows for twenty years and saving for this event for the last ten.

All said, I had spent nearly thirty years working for the government is some capacity. Things have changed a lot over the years but I didn’t expect what was coming. Hold on; let me get back to the celebration, I am getting off track.

We went all out, my wife had an amazing dress, I had a tux, and our kids looked just as sharp. The cabin, oh the cabin, it was more like a resort. There was a huge patio overlooking the valley which is where we were holding the ceremony. My wife had set up the catering, she was excided which meant I was to and there was an open bar for the guest, knowing our families that would have been a riot. I don’t want to forget the cake. It was stacked three layers high with Han Solo and Princess Laya standing proud at the top.

Everyone was there and we were about to get started, a few people had sat down but most were wandering around visiting. I was getting nervous, I had spent a lot of time on the vows and I didn’t want to screw up. I wanted it to be something my wife would remember, and cherish, for the rest of her life. I headed to the bathroom to make sure my tanks were empty.

From the bathroom I heard a loud noise, followed by screaming. I took off out of the bathroom running, I didn’t have a plan but I had to know what happened, I had to know if I could help. I didn’t make it two steps out the door and I caught a rifle muzzle in the middle of my chest. I was on the ground getting handcuffed and cussed at, my mind was spinning, what had I done, my record was spotless. They jerked my arms to get me up; I thought my shoulders were dislocated. As they jerked me out of the building I could see guns pointing at my family, I almost threw up, I couldn’t talk to anyone and they were all looking at me confused.

They didn’t even keep me through the night! They apologized, saying I made a suspicious phone call, that they tracked everyone with my specialized skills. The truth is they tracked almost everyone with a phone these days and they couldn’t keep up with all the data. These unjustified raids were not out of the ordinary but why did they have to ruin my big night. I never gave those vows to my wife, the next day we tried to enjoy the cabin but things were weird. The family still got drunk, honestly so did I, but things just weren’t the same.

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