The worst day of my life, nothing will be normal again

“Oh my god, what happened to you?” Lara said to her husband. He was standing at the door covered from head to toe with blood and scratches. He stared at her with empty eyes, breathing hard. “Wes, what happened,” she asked again.

He dropped to his knees, still silent. She ran to get the first aid kit, he had not moved when she returned. “Take your shirt off so I can see how bad this is,” she told him. He pulled at his shirt; she reached over to help him, she could see he was in a lot of pain.

“Squirrels” he finally replied. “I was attached by squirrels.”

She looked at him in disbelief although she had not come up with any other explanation for the thousands of tiny scratches.

“I was out walking Zeus and…” he trailed off. “Where is Zeus?” he asked

“I don’t know, did he come back with you?” she replied

“No, I guess, I guess I left him.” he said, his voice cracking.

“Let’s worry about you for now, this spot on your chest is pretty bad.” she said trying to stay calm.

* * *

“Hello, I am Dr. Rosenkrantz, your wife sounded concerned on the phone, I got you in as soon as I could.” the doctor said, watching Wes closely as if he was trying to see his thoughts. “What is she so concerned about?”

“Well doc, is it ok if I call you doc? I have never been to a shrink before.”

“Doc is fine, but I prefer you not call me a shrink, psychiatrist is much better.”

“Ok,” Wes said then paused to gather his thoughts. “Basically I had the worst, and strangest day of my life, I can’t imagine she believes my story since I have a hard time believing it myself.”

“Please tell me the whole story, don’t leave anything out.” the doctor said still watching closely.

“Ok, I will do my best.”

“I was walking my dog Zeus.  We were on a trail that goes back in the woods; it’s a trail I have been on a thousand times. I was not having a good day, let’s be honest; I was having a horrible day. I was just walking, minding my own business, and cursing under my breath when a squirrel ran across the path. Zeus got all spun up, pulling on my hand and making a fuss, the squirrel looked back, kinda over his should, out of nowhere I flipped him the bird and said, ‘what are you looking at puffball?’ I kept walking tugging Zeus’s leash, he was busy staring down the squirrel. As we walked along the path I noticed that the squirrel was staying alongside us, jumping from tree to tree. I watched for a second, taking a break from the angry track that was playing in my mind, truly amazed by the distance a squirrel can cover in a single jump.”

“Huh-huh,” the doctor mutters, “keep going.” — Continued on Page 2


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