Teacher and Mother: A true person of the year

A chair slid across the room and nearly hit her. Charley, an angry student stood up, his temper flaring. She didn’t back down, she stayed calm, patiently talking to him, finally getting him to return to his homework. Alice was a special education teacher and had been since she started teaching years ago. She had moved schools several times, each time on referral, building or rebuilding a special ed program. She had a way with disabled kids, any kid for that matter, even the violent ones; some would say especially the violent ones.

Her son had attention defect disorder but she refused to put him on meds instead she leaned to focus his energy, patiently sitting with him for hours taking turns reading. If he was distracted, she would read a paragraph then he would read the next one. On days he was less distracted, they would take turns with full chapters. Her son went on to be a successful entrepreneur, on more than one occasion he stated that his mother was the roots of his success.

He nominated her for Time person of the year. After all he argued, “With any other mother I probably wouldn’t have learned to focus my energy, which has become my greatest asset. She’s had a tremendous effect on more than just me; look at how many kids she has helped through the years. She has an amazing ability to find the basic goodness in anyone she encounters. She has helped so many kids and parents who didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. Counseling and teaching kids that were kicked out of school; she has worked nonstop to help anyone she could.”

She didn’t win though, no, time magazine decided to give it to another politician, he couldn’t even remember who but there is no way they truly help people like she can. He is sure of that.

Response to the Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

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