Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping

It was a dreary Saturday, busy with puddle splashing, hot chocolate and puzzles. All the fun left the kids tired and ready for a nap.

“They are both lying down,” Sam said to Joyce, as he was coming down the stairs.

“What do you want to do with all this free time,” Sam said, sitting down, sarcasm in his voice.

“Well, you know where the list is, we could split it up and get it out of the way,” she told him. They were sitting on the couch, settling in, and realizing how comfortable it was.

“Or, we could just relax,” she said picking up the remote to make sure she had first dibs on the channel.

“That sounds better to me,” he was sliding over to her and smuggling a bit.

“There is nothing good on TV,” she said, moving between him and the TV, straddling him.

“Hey! That was…” he was saying when she interrupted him with a kiss.

They had been kissing for a few seconds when he finally understood what was on her mind.

“We should go somewhere we can lock the door,” she said.

They didn’t even make it off the couch when they heard a sweet young voice coming from up stairs, “daddy, I can’t sleep,” Jessica said, she was the oldest, her little sister still fast asleep.

Sam and Joyce looked at each other; Sam took a deep breath then said, “wait for me in the bedroom,”

“Ok,” she said, excitement in her voice.

Sam sang a lullaby to his daughter, watching her fall asleep, enjoying the calm that came over her and thinking about how it made her seem even more precious than usual.

“She’s asleep,” Sam said, excited as he came into the bedroom.

Joyce was sound asleep. Sam took another deep breath.

“Well, an afternoon nap is rare, almost a perfect rainy day.”

In response to the Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

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3 thoughts on “Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping

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