The Sea will Decide

Alastairs Photo Fiction

Copyright: Alastairs Photo Fiction

He had just arrived from the city, still in his suit. The drive took two and a half hours but it might as well have been eternity. She was supposed to meet him here. This was going to be their weekend away. He had been sitting in the sand silent for over an hour. In a quiet fit of rage he reached into his pockets and started throwing it all in, watching the waves swallow it. He flipped his Credit Cards and watched them cut into the water. He jerked at his tie, it would be next, but his hands were shaking to hard. Instead he walked in, this time letting the water consume him. She had loved the ocean so much. Maybe he could reconnect with her there. Maybe the water would take him, it was for the sea to decide, he couldn’t go the way she did.

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Inspired by Alastairs Photo Fiction

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