The Merge Left Joke

“Wow, thank you for that, I would have never stopped in time,” he replied.

“Ok, I can hear the sarcasm.”

“I hope so. I’m laying it on thick. Come on, I had time to put the car in neutral and coast to a stop.”

“Whatever, you never watch the road.”

“Your right, I had never used a brake pedal until our first date. I guess the divine must have intervened, I didn’t even know I was supposed to stop or that I had a choice.”

“Now you’re getting carried away. Merge left, the sign says merge left.”

“Ok, I’m getting over. How did you interpret that blinky sign by the way? Are those letters in a sequence? Do they have some kind of meaning?”

“I hate you,” she said, silence was all that followed.

* * *

Funny Stories Merge Left“Rookie, the captain wants to see you.”

“Thanks sergeant. Any idea what he wants?” the rookie asked, it was his second week as a patrol officer.

“No but he looked mad,” the sergeant replied.

“Rookie, get your ass in here,” the captain yelled from his office.

“Yes sir.”

“A merge left signal? Traffic was backed up for 15 miles, your prank sent hundreds of civilians into a screaming frenzy and now the city is asking me what happened. What were you thinking?”

“Sir, I just turned on a merge left sign the construction crew left behind. I didn’t really think people would do it. I just wanted to play a joke, you know like all the other rookie jokes I hear about.”

“HAHAHA, you should see the look on your face! Priceless! Are you kidding that was a great joke, Nicolson videotaped a ton of civilians freaking out its absolutely hysterical. Now get out of here, all you rookies smell like cuddles, I just can’t take it.”


2 thoughts on “The Merge Left Joke

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! this was BRILLIANT! Your writing (and having the duality) really always brings about anticipation and wonderment.
    Curious, do you think of a scenario beforehand (is it something that has happened to you before that you put a twist to)? Or do you usually just write what comes to mind?

    • Most of the time I write what comes to mind or I respond to a prompt. Although, I thought of this one while I was stuck in traffic over the weekend. Thank you for the complement!

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