The Girlfriend Statue

“Jim, why are these people in your yard?”

“I have no idea, I just walked outside.” Jim replied to his next-door neighbor Frank.

“What is that thing, why are they bowing?” Frank asked.

“How would I know I just stepped out the door? Wait, that’s the wooden sculpture my son is making for his girlfriend,” Jim replied.

“Are they worshiping it?”

“It sure looks like it,” Jim said. “Either way, I need that creepy statue back, my son is planning to give it to his girlfriend, I think it will run her off, I can’t wait! “

* * *

“Hey Jim,… Frank, why did you take my magical altar,” Bastian asked. Bastian lives behind Frank and Jim, their yards touch, it’s a sensitive subject.

“Your ‘Alter’ is my son’s tribute to his girlfriend and your scary cult was spilling over into my yard.”

“Did they at least leave their offering?” Bastian inquired.

“You’re a terrible human Bastian!”

Funny Stories

Copyright- Alastair Forbes

This is a response to Alastair’s Photo Fiction.


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