Journey to the Castle

This is my response to Alastair’s Photo Fiction. My daughter helped with this making it my favorite story so far. I hope you all enjoy.


Copyright- Alastair Forbes

“Fill your water to the top, no excuses! A lot of fluids will be lost today, sweat, blood, we can’t be caught short. Open your pouches it’s time for inspection. Once you’re sure it’s all there check someone else’s, in a few minuets I’ll check everyone’s. Double check your straps, make sure everything is tight. We don’t want anything falling off while we are on the run. Take these inspections seriously it could be the difference…”

“Daddy, can’t we just go. I thought we were going to the park?”

“We are baby but it’s the castle park, you know how crazy it gets there.”

Funny Stories Castle

Castle Park Drawing: My Daughter’s Handy-work


10 thoughts on “Journey to the Castle

  1. Great – I remember historical places with mazes – and getting lost in 1 when I was 8… that was a bad day – I got stung by a wasp at the tea shop later – you and your daughter have brought all these memories back to me – thank you. Cute you worked on it together and love her picture! Blood, sweat and tears indeed!

  2. Thank you so much for your visit – I really enjoy being inspired by Alastair’s photo’s and meeting wonderful new writers that also visit. I adore your young artist! My grandson isn’t quite up to such detailed work – though at three, he’ll talk your ear off!

    Best to be prepared! Though that’s the Boy Scout motto, I think it can work for ‘girls’ too!

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