The Jewels

 Turn around, every now and then I…

“Darren… really, Bonnie Tyler, I picked you to be more of a heavy metal guy.”

“Why are you interrupting me? You made me miss my favorite part… ‘Listening to the sound of my tears,’ I love that part. Oh well, the new guy next door was bitching about my music anyway.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Wrong question…”


“You’re better off asking what’s not wrong with me,” Darren said as he opened the patio door and stepped inside his condo.

“Ok Darren, I’ll play your silly game. What’s not wrong with you?” Jim replied, following Darren into the condo and closing the door.

“I don’t cross dress, that’s one thing.”

“Ok, real funny, come on are you just going to stay here and stare at that crane? You’re the best strategic planner I’ve ever met and you can’t plan your way out of this dump.”

“I guess that means you found a buyer!” Darren said, trying to control the volume of his voice.

“No, nothing yet,” Jim replied

“Then get out of my face, fifty three million in jewels in worthless without a buyer.”


* * *


“Come on Donnie, staring at that crane is not going to help us find the thief. We have to find a new approach; the guy is probably half way around the world by now.”

“It feels like we’re so close,” Donnie replied. “I’m caught up on that last report that said the Jewels would be handed off at that port, right down there.”

“Surveillance has been all over the port for the last few days what else do you expect.”

“I don’t know, I can’t think with that music playing so loud… Hey, can you turn that down, what is your obsession with Bonnie Tyler anyway,” Donnie yelled to the guy next door.  

“Sure I’ll turn it down. I enjoy the lyrics I guess.”


This story was inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt.


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