What if Every Wish Came True

I recently attended a seminar that stated quantum physics can prove every possibility imaginable already exists, you only have to use your thoughts and emotions to summon your dream life into this reality. But for or some reason Mr. Copperton’s head won’t flatten no matter how hard I try. I spent hours with one eye closed looking at my thumb and forefinger placed strategically in front of his head making a squishing motion and feeling excited, still nothing.

Holy Crap! That’s the giant bee I was trying to manifest over the weekend. That means Mr. Copperton’s head should flatten by Friday. I can’t wait to tell Kali.


Funny stories Bee

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

This story is my entry into Friday Fictioneers. Make sure you take time to check it out.


24 thoughts on “What if Every Wish Came True

    • Perry, be careful! I recently went down this road and spent two weeks trying to materialize Angelina Jolie but made a mistake and got Rosie O’Donnell. Apparently its harder to dematerialize something so I am back to squishing heads.

  1. haha that’s pretty cool. there are plenty of things that i wish to materialize and a few heads i wish to flatten 🙂 great story

    • I’m trying to get a beach myself; I will let you know if it works. If I had another hundred words I would use it to explain how hard it is to dematerialize a giant bee. Thanks for the Prompt!

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