B&WButterA butterfly brushed my ear ever so gently. The beautiful creature paused in front of me as if to suggest I should look closer. It drifted lower until it found a dandy lion and sat slowly moving its wings, showcasing its beauty. I crouched to get a closer look, admiring the unique designs that coved its back, in awe of the moment and the great privilege I had been given.

An instant later a boy from class came up behind me; he took that miraculous moment from me and destroyed my beautiful companion. As a boy of only seven years I could not understand why someone would destroy something so beautiful and so harmless.

For years I muddled through life trying to be the man I was expected to be, grabbing at the elusive ‘success’ everyone kept talking about. No amount of money and no promotion could make me feel alive. My eyes lost their shine as I became trapped on the treadmill of life, I felt as if daemons were being woven into my soul and exhaustion became commonplace as I tried to hide that truth.

I spent years at war with success and acceptance only to arrive on my front porch where a butterfly brushed my ear. It found a perch on the flowers delicately arranged in front of me, slowly moving its wings, inviting me to look closer. Right there, almost thirty years later, I felt peace come over me, the same peace I felt when I was seven. Completely overcome by beauty and stillness I wandered if this magnificent creature could be my guardian. Could this be my angel? I began to reevaluate every belief in my life only to find that none of them were anchored in truth.  Big Butterfly


This post was prepared as a response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember.


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