Dance Recital


Copyright: Renee Heath

“Get away from me!” she screamed as she rushed across the street. “I’m going to dance recital and you can’t stop me,” she said hitting him repeatedly in the chest.

“Elin, you haven’t been involved in dance for nearly fourteen years.”

She looked broken as she always did, since the accident she has trouble remembering. Every time she sees the ballet outfit it’s the same scene.

He says she saved his life with her love in the early years. He is determined to return the favor, no matter how many times she hits him.

This story is a response to Friday Fictioneers.


37 thoughts on “Dance Recital

    • The outfit belonged to her mother; he just can’t bring himself to get rid of it. This is the part of the story I had to cut to make 100 words. Thanks for the comment!

  1. People do wonderful things for loved ones, even more wonderful when despite everything the loss seems to be accumulating. Well done Lewis.

  2. What’s that they say, “a mind is a terrible thing to lose.” In my experience with dementia patients, I doubt she would give up without more argument, but with only 100 words you didn’t have wiggle room. You did a great job conveying the sadness and emotion of the moment.

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