Bad Wishes

The Note

You caught the tooth fairy, you got your wish.

But you must kill the source to accomplish this.

Don’t be confused about what you’ve done.

Your daughter is dust, she’s gone.


This is my response to the Trifecta Weekend Challenge


31 thoughts on “Bad Wishes

  1. I had always ever thought of the tooth fairy as being a Tinkerbell sort of character, this one is definitely more Grimm’s Fairy Tale-ish, which is way better. Cool.

    The context of your word use is very close to the forbidden use of the word, per the instructions of the challenge. Maybe.

  2. Oh my, never tussle with the Guardians…every parent knows that.

    I loved this, it was so creative and written so well.

  3. As Kir said, we parents all know that our children’s bedrooms are sacred ground so, to be invited in, as Tooth Fairies are, is a sign of trust and respect. To trap an invited guest, in such a special locale, can only end up going horribly wrong…….as you so duly noted. Good take on the prompt, Lewis.

  4. I’m a little bitter at the tooth fairy. She still owes me money. So, if I catch her I’m going to shake my money plus 30 some years of interest out of her.

    I enjoyed your take on the prompt. A bit creepy and I like creepy. 🙂

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