Sally’s Car


Copyright- Roger Bultot

“She was just sitting here crying when I walked up sir. But there is a lot more going on in that women’s head than just concern over her smashed car.”

“Thanks for calling me directly, how much did she tell you?”

“She says she’s been driving drugs into the city for her boyfriend, says the trunk is full of cocaine. She wouldn’t shut up about her husband, said he’s a limp dick loser. She insisted that I call you, that you two were old friends or something. How do you know her sir?”

“I’m her husband.”

Sally, the drugs, and the rookie officer were never seen again.

This story is my entry into Friday Fictioneers.


23 thoughts on “Sally’s Car

  1. Dear Lewis,

    Third sentence, third paragraph, ‘friend’ needs an ‘s’, I believe. feel free to edit this comment out if you decide to edit the area mentioned.

    I enjoyed the story. Rookies and wives. easily replaced.



    • Doug,
      You are right, there was an ‘s’ missing. Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

      I would never edit your comments out; they are always so helpful, thanks again.

  2. Nice twist, darling. It’s got a couple of interesting possible readings. Could almost read like a film noir detective story, or, a black comedy — imagine the line “I’m her husband” being delivered by Groucho Marx.

    • I was attempting to cram a much larger story into 100 words. I had some thoughts about this when I wrote it.

      Her hate for her husband drove her into this treacherous love affair and her lust for adventure convinced her to get involved by transporting drugs for him. She had caught wind that her husband was going to get assigned a case that would lead him right to her but now she was in to deep to stop. When the tree fell on her car she had a complete breakdown, she knew loosing an entire trunk full of cocaine would likely be the death of her. When she told the rookie her husband was a loser she had not yet considered the fact that he might be able to get her out of this. That’s when she asked the rookie to call her husband.

      Maybe I will write the entire story some time… there is a more but I am out of time.

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the long explanation.

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