Emotionless and Tired


Copyright: Alastair Forbes

He expected life to be easy and full of wonder when he retired from the military. Money would be no object since he was inheriting the riverboat business.  But he stumbled through each day emotionless and tired, always saying he would adjust eventually. He didn’t believe his own words; he missed the fight, he needed a seemingly tireless enemy teasing him with death, that’s the truth.

A man he knew from his early days in the military stopped by the office. They met years before just as he was getting into special operations. He knew his friend had joined another government organization but was not aware of the details. It’s no surprise he took the offer even though it seemed to good to be true, he had to feel alive again, he needed something, and this would have to do.

A year later he was strapped into a machine destine for his new assignment. Not an assignment in the present but one in the past.

His friend’s disappointment was only due to the fact he would have to start the recruitment process over again. He had grown numb to the pain his test subjects felt when the machine failed.


This story represents this weeks entry to Alastair’s Photo Fiction.


6 thoughts on “Emotionless and Tired

  1. I enjoyed your time travel take on the prompt!
    I like to read what others write after my take on the prompt so that I’m not influenced one way or another. I just wrote & posted mine & went back in time as well. Only with a bit of a different twist.

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