Beware of What You Wish For


Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

 “Greg was a great man,” he told her, “he saved my life even though I didn’t deserve it; I would take his place if I could.” She looked up at him, eyes full of sorrow, only capable of tears.

“Greg was staring at this for an hour before we left on that patrol,” he said, pulling a picture frame out of his pocket.  She recognized it from their family vacation, a souvenir from a museum gift shop.

She loved them both before they deployed, her husband never knew. She had prayed he would never find out but this is not what she had in mind.

soldier casket

This is my entry into Friday Fictioneers


13 thoughts on “Beware of What You Wish For

  1. We none of us understand the finality, until we are faced with it ourselves. There will always be ‘if only’ and ‘what if’ and ‘I hope’ – all of these unanswerable questions.

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