A New Mentality for a New Year

I recently adopted the belief that anything is possible, not like my mom telling me anything is possible and then telling me I was too short to dunk a basketball. No, what I am talking about is more like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle where every possibility already exists and it is up to the observer which one manifests… that’s the kind of “anything is possible” I am talking about. So with that bit of knowledge I would choose to be me, besides if I don’t who will?

Although, if I could take a short trip and experience a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius it would be exciting. There’s a man whose curiosity about the universe and its beauty must have never left him bored, and it seems the universe must have answered him with a remarkable imagination. Perhaps that’s my answer: I would continue to be me with a touch of Leonardo. Not anything creepy, I don’t want to find his bones and make his teeth into a necklace or anything like that. However, I will spend a little more time researching what made him tick and see if I can adopt more of his curiosity into my life. I feel like that is a scenario that I can manifest.

Thanks daily prompt; I learned something about myself today!



11 thoughts on “A New Mentality for a New Year

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