My Happy Money Experiment

I began 2014 determined to be open to new things. A few days into the New Year an eBook called “Happy Money ” found its way into my life. This is not the type of thing I usually spent my time or money on… so I thought it would be perfect for 2014 (Plus it is only 34 pages and .99 cents). I got started right away; I wanted to see what was so happy about money.

When I was growing up, discussions about money almost always ended in an argument. It didn’t matter if I was asking for a couple of bucks for school or if mom took us out for dinner after a ball game, when money came up it ended badly. Although I have come a long way I am not sure that I have complete shaken the negative money energy.

I finished the eBook, Happy Money, in a short time and I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t go into the whole system but the author suggests giving money away by hiding it in an easy to find place with a nice note attached. This process is meant to be fun, and in turn, help bring positive energy to your relationship with money.

Anyone that has studied the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking or other similar ideas probably already has a basic understanding of this principle. For those who haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction or others this part of it is pretty simple. Basically, you get what you give in life. For many this can be a big challenge when it comes to money, it’s hard to considers giving when your just barley staying afloat. This is one of the reasons I like the “Happy Money” eBook, it suggests starting small.

Now I am .99 cents into this adventure and looking for new things to try so I have decided to take this Happy Money
system for a test drive, I will call it my happy money experiment. The author suggests taking it slow at first, which I am in favor of, and starting with one dollar a day. Why not, I pay more than a dollar for a candy bar, which I don’t need, so why not use that dollar to cheer someone up.

My Plan for Happy Money:

I currently have seven dollars in cash. I plan to get the five changed into ones and get started. I will write a small, happy note on a sticky and stick it to a dollar then hide it somewhere it will soon be found. I plan to do this for 30 days and see if I feel or interact differently with money afterword. I plan to do a weekly update here unless something crazy happens – you know a winning lottery ticket, free cruise, or Richard Branson calls and says he wants to take me to outer space in his space rocket for free, that kind of crazy – then I will update immediately.

I have finished week one of my happy money experiment. I have have been leaving happy dollars all over the place and I can’t wipe the grin off my face. I wrote a review, you should check it out – Week One: My Happy Money Experiment


6 thoughts on “My Happy Money Experiment

  1. I can see this as a feel-good gesture. I’m mad about books and used to do the same with books,( though they were hard to part with (something like money for me).
    Look forward to your updates.

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