Sunday Photo Ficiton: The Gift

Copyright- Al Forbes

Copyright- Al Forbes

Below you will find my entry into Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge is to write a fiction piece of around 100-200 words about whatever comes to mind when you see the above photo. I hope you enjoy…


She stood on the other side of the drive through window clenching my diet coke, stubbornly waiting for me to hand over the money before she made a move. I sat petrified as the images from her past bombarded my mind.

A gift, that’s what they call it. Apparently many others that have this “gift” sat in meditation for most of their life to get it. I never asked to be psychic and I would give it back if I could. I’ve had other psychic’s tell me to focus it on love or I will drive myself mad but I think it’s too late.

“You gana pay for this?” she shouted out the window, but the images of her as a young child chained to a chair would not leave. I could see her in chains sleeping as her mother went into a drug induced coma… I regained focus and managed to pass her some cash. I grabbed the food and tried to speak, “god bless you,” was all I could get out as I drove away. Tears welled up in my eyes and my hands were shaking. I had to get out of the city; I couldn’t take another tragic story like that.


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