Week One: My Happy Money Experiment

For those of you that have not seen the first part of this project, “My Happy Money Experiment,” it’s worth checking out, it will help you understand what is going on here.

I am at the end of week one of “My Happy Money Experiment,” and I am not disappointed. At this point the only thing I can say for sure is that this project has made me think about my relationship with money. Leaving money and a note where someone could find it has really produced some feelings I was not expecting. After just one week it may be too early to tell but there have been some new things coming in, some of these things generate a bit of excitement. I guess they could be circumstantial but the whole process is fun so I don’t think it really matters.

The first day I took two one-dollar bills and put a note on each of them. The note did not vary from the Happy Money eBook’s suggestion: May all your days be filled with happiness, love and Wealth J. If you’re wandering the answer is yes, I always hand drew a happy face at the end.

We had a family trip to the toy store coming up so I knew it would be a target rich environment. I tucked the first dollar/note into a set of baby shoes; I thought that would be a nice message for an expecting couple. After the toy store we went out to eat and I left the second happy dollar under a paper towel in the sink area of the bathroom. Don’t worry I got better at finding places to put the money as time went on. This was more exciting than I thought it would be I really enjoyed it.

I also started looking for things coming into my life, completing the cycle of giving, which is one of the principles the author of Happy Money explained. It didn’t take long before I started questioning things that were probably everyday experiences I had never noticed before. I was amazed at how many things were constantly coming in. Not necessarily cold hard cash but there were certainly things worth being happy for that I never paid attention to before. Let me give an example: my sister-in-law was in town visiting and had accompanied me on a trip to the grocery store, we got to the checkout and she insisted on paying. That has NEVER even come close to happening before.

About day three I was excited enough to add an affirmation to the project. I affirmed: I always have plenty of cash to use as happy money. Later in the week I was down to my last dollar and starting to wander if I would have to hit the ATM to replenish. Later that day I was digging through my junk drawer looking for a flash light so I could fix a tiny bat mobile for a devastated two year old. As I was trudging through the junk I found a twenty-dollar bill. I don’t think that twenty manifested out of thin air but I can guarantee I had no idea it was there. I know this is circumstantial but it sure was a pleasant surprise and I am going to use it for the next week of my experiment.

Looking forward: I am going to get the twenty changed into two five-dollar bills and ten one-dollar bills. I am really looking forward to giving the fives. I can imagine someone getting the five and actually being able to do something with it, one dollar won’t even by a candy bar by itself and giving ones gets me excited.

We’ll see how it goes, but so far I am having fun!


9 thoughts on “Week One: My Happy Money Experiment

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  6. I love books like Happy Money that change your whole perspective on things.
    Another good one is The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. His book in particular influenced me when I wrote and published my own book “Creating Wealth From Scratch” on Amazon.

    I wanted to dispel the notion that “it takes money to make money”. I hoped to really open the eyes of my readers to the potential value of ideas and believing in yourself.

    It’s good to touch the lives of others as you did. And you’re right, it feels great when you do, doesn’t it? :))

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