The Cafeteria

“Hey, what are you workin on?” Kathy asked her boyfriend Sam.

“I started that blog you suggested,” he replied.

“Finally!” she said, “Well, can I see.”

“Not yet, I found a writing challenge I am going to try out, I will let you see it when I’m done.”


“Wow, isn’t that amazing,” Pam thought to herself, “it only takes a few tiny ants to carry that M&M. I wish this phenomenon wasn’t happening in the cafeteria though,” her thoughts continued. “If people would clean up after… What is that dude staring at? Is he drawing a picture of me? What else would he be doing with that notepad? Aw and he has his mouth open, weird, I’m out of here! Seriously, I am going to get management.” Without saying a word she walked out, her mind still spinning.


“I hate sitting in this cafeteria it’s awkward,” Sam thought. “Why am I here again? Oh ya I want to win that writing competition, maybe that will impress Kathy. Lunch Posts? Isn’t that just my luck, if they only know what a lame place I work,” Sam thought, fidgeting uneasily.

“I’m supposed to take notes like O’Hara, but there’s never anything going on in this building, especially not in here. I guess I could write about those ants carrying that M&M across the flo… ants gross! Great now this place has gone from lame too nasty. Who am I to complain, I’m just sittin here talking to myself. What would I do if someone walked in anyway? Gawk and write notes, I might as well hang my jaw open and add a little mouth breathing to make sure the situation is perfectly weird. Oh great! Of course someone would walk in right now.”


“Sam, what are you doing in here? We got a report of some pervert drawing pictures of… wait, what are you doing with that notepad? Sam, we may have to write you up on this,” the manager said in a disgruntled tone, not giving Sam a chance to reply. ”Pam from HR wants to file a complaint.”


“Hey Baby,” Kathy said to Sam as he walked in the door. “Did you finish that blog post? I have been waiting all day, I can’t wait to read it.”

The Short Funny Story above is my entry into the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge.

If you like this try more of my funny stories!


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