One-Way Ticket to Mars

“The hatch is sealed off. This is the only section left,” she told him as she caught her breath.

“One-Way ticket, they were right.” he said, looking down at his feet. “I guess I always thought there would be another ship, something.”

“Sir, we made it further than anyone expected. We’re pioneers, our names will go down in history books.”

“Is that why you came here, to

get your name in a book?” he asked, looking up at her.

“No, I took this trip to hide from my problems on earth. Let’s be honest now that it’s coming to an end. When I found out you were commanding this voyage I knew I had to go, I had to try, I’ve been in love with you since high school… If I had only known.”

“You missed the mark on that one,” he said, attempting to smile.

“So, what do you miss about earth?” she asked.

Short Funny Stories

Copyright – Sunday Photo Fiction

“Sunrise, that magical warm glow. Watching as the sun begin to peek up over the horizon…”

“We’re the LAST man and woman left on this planet,” she interrupted, “I’ve been trying to get with you since I was old enough to think those thoughts… come on something,” she insisted.

“Why is it always that with you?”

Author’s Note: In my mind, everything will be backwards on Mars. Maybe Mars One will find out someday.


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