Love at First Sight

Short Funny Stories

Copyright: Janet Webb

They locked eyes as he made his way to the bar. He felt something, was it love at fist sight? Her green eyes spoke to his soul. She turned back toward the bar and took a drink of her newly refreshed sangria. Moving through the crowd, he admired the way she delicately ran her fingers through her hair. He sat next to her but couldn’t find the right words.

“… Hey.”

“ Not a chance loser,” she insisted.

He spun around on the bar stool and faced the crowd.

“What is she looking at?” he said and headed for the next best thing.

This story is my entry into Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a story with ~100 words using the above photo as a prompt. I hope you enjoyed my story, if you would like to write you own short fiction check here for more info.

Hey, if you own a blog and want to write humor, check out my comedy writing page here.


22 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. Nothing like a redirect to help a guy get back on his game. Do we need to borrow some of the abundant poisoned sangria from another fictioneer to help our hero exact his revenge? 🙂


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