You Hung Up on Me

“You hung up on me! I tried back four times and you didn’t answer! We’re through!”

“But my dad…” was all I had a chance to say and she was gone. I should have known better than to try dating. Maybe I’ll try again when I move out, when I move far away from my dad.

* * *

It was time for dinner and the whole family was sitting around the table, waiting. A bad week followed by a bad day and a growling stomach made Kenneth anxious. The house rules, Kenneth’s house rules were that no one eats until everyone is sitting at the table. It had been this way for years.

His oldest son was sitting on the bottom stair, not at the dinner table. To compound the problem Kenneth could here the conversation.

“You hang up first.”

“No, you hang up.”

“Come on, you hang up first.”

Anxiety took control, Kenneth got up from the table, thrusting his chair back onto the cabinets. Taking large steps, his face beet red and stomach growling he headed for the stairs.

“Hang up, it’s…” Kenneth grabbed the phone out of his son’s hand and brought it over his head to the highest point he could, then, with his whole body moving together, he slammed the phone down as if he was aiming for the earth’s core. Of course, the phone never made it that far. It’s vertical decent ended at the floor of Kenneth’s house where it’s parts immediately disassembled and covered the floor of the living room.

Kenneth moved calmly back to the kitchen, picked up his chair and took his seat at the head of the table. His son was still sitting on the bottom stair with his mouth wide open.

“Problem solved. Let’s eat son.” Kenneth said cheerfully.

Note: This is my response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Tainted Love. I hope it makes you smile!

I you like to write check out my humor writing page, it could help you get a laugh from your work.


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