Trip to the Hills

funny stories pregnant

Copyright – Danny Bowman

A trip to the hills left him with a rash that seemed to be climbing his leg. Terrified it would continue he turned to the most reliable medical advice in the world. After thorough examination, he was nervous. Symptoms were adding up and he was afraid of what was coming.

The sound of frantic typing filled the room, then he stared, mouth open, in disbelief.

“Cyndi, wake up! I have all the symptoms.”

“What Larry, what do you have this time?”

“I’m pregnant, it says so on the Internet!”

“Right… I hope it’s a boy this time. Go to sleep.”

* * *

The above story represents my entry into this weeks Friday Fictioneers. I hope you all enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Trip to the Hills

  1. I definitely didn’t see that coming – mostly because I got very confused with ‘mashing keys’ – and had a picture of door keys being mashed…somehow.

  2. Hmmm, I was pregnant twice and didn’t have a rash on my leg at all!! 🙂 I know people who are always referring to the internet for medical help and you almost always could have something horrible (or impossible.)


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