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I’ve always had a wild side, you know, live fast and die hard. I have spent years burying it, deeper and deeper until it was finally gone, so I thought. After years of suppression, we moved out of the city, it was a long commute but it was nice to feel as if we were getting away.

One day the guys at work got on a Kevin Costner kick, I know right. How does that guy keep getting work? On my way home, I was running that question threw my head when my inner speed demon got loose and took control of the throttle. I watched the speedometer blow by 100 and a calm buzz took over. Then… bam, right into this tree.

My soul has been stuck here ever since. I spend my days longing to see my family again, my life and mistakes playing back over and over. I wish someone, anyone, would smash their car and join me by this forsaken stream. I don’t feel like I can take this hell alone.

* * *

That car is flying, yes, yes… boom, crash… YES.

“What happened? Am I dead?”

“NO, NO.”

“Hello, are we dead?”

“Kevin Costner… Why, what have I done to deserve this!?”


I hope you enjoyed this story, it is my entry in to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. Click the link look at other entries.


8 thoughts on “Forsaken

  1. HAHAHA I love that 😀 This is the first post I have read this morning and it really started my day with a laugh. Thanks Lewis, have a good day

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