A New Mentality for a New Year

I recently adopted the belief that anything is possible, not like my mom telling me anything is possible and then telling me I was too short to dunk a basketball. No, what I am talking about is more like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle where every possibility already exists and it is up to the observer which one manifests… that’s the kind of “anything is possible” I am talking about. So with that bit of knowledge I would choose to be me, besides if I don’t who will?

Although, if I could take a short trip and experience a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius it would be exciting. There’s a man whose curiosity about the universe and its beauty must have never left him bored, and it seems the universe must have answered him with a remarkable imagination. Perhaps that’s my answer: I would continue to be me with a touch of Leonardo. Not anything creepy, I don’t want to find his bones and make his teeth into a necklace or anything like that. However, I will spend a little more time researching what made him tick and see if I can adopt more of his curiosity into my life. I feel like that is a scenario that I can manifest.

Thanks daily prompt; I learned something about myself today!



Time to Make Some Changes

Response to today’s Daily Prompt: What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and the problem it solved.

For some reason, a few months ago, after building a few characters for a short story I wanted to write, an idea flashed through my head:

Why are my fiction characters so much more interesting than I am?

In many of the fiction stories I post on this blog I have introduced concepts such as dream control, synchronicity, intention manifestation and others. I really didn’t have an understanding of these; I just thought they might make an interesting story. I had this thought on 4 Sept 2013, it’s very easy to remember since that was the last post I published on this blog. Since then I have been reading no stop, I had to know what made my characters so interesting to me and if these concepts would be interesting to anyone else. I went down the rabbit whole, way down.

I am excited to start writing again although my focus won’t be specifically fiction. If the concepts in quantum physics are true then life just got a whole lot more interesting!

About Me: Lewis Cave

I have been a soldier for most of my adult life, for the longest time I let the army define me. A while ago I was home visiting family and I noticed nearly every picture of me was in uniform or in a foreign country. I am proud of my past and proud of the men and women that serve but I decided it was time for me to move on. I have been on quit a journey trying to remove myself from that lifestyle. In fact military and civilian combined I have been on thirteen deployments, I guess I could not quit cold turkey. Now I work in a sea of cubicles and have barely made middle management but the benefits out weight the daily devastation because I get to see my family ever day. Creativity at home is at an all time high and I look forward to expressing some of that creativity here.

For years, if I was being honest, I would tell people my greatest weakness was writing. Never the less, I have had a story in mind, its characters nagging at me, a story I would love to write and share with the world. So I have decided I am going to give it a try. I have recently read several books on the subject of writing novels and short stories. They all suggest that reading more and writing more are the best way to learn to write a story of any length. So, here I am, I plan to put flash fiction, funny stories, short stories and stories of my own personal growth. I hope you enjoy!