Stop Laughing

Note: I was cruising the web reading Knock Knock Jokes and this story lodged its self into my brain. I hope you all enjoy.


“Knock knock,” Morgan said, slowly opening the bathroom door.

“Ahh… Who’s there,” came the weak reply.

“Oh I love these jokes,” she continued to open the door. “Oh my word, what happened?” She said when she saw her husband, Jeff, laying on the floor.

Jeff was barley able to crawl; it took him a minuet to regain his thoughts.

“Well, if you must know, I sat down to handle my business and picked up a Vonnegut volume. I was sucked into the book and before I knew it, I had been sitting there reading for thirty minuets. I jumped up realizing I was late to Jessie’s volleyball game and, apparently, there was no blood in my legs to make them work. My head began a slow decent toward your candle shrine. My upper body was flailing trying to avoid the inevitable and my legs, still feeling like sandbags, didn’t move. That’s the last thing I remember and then you walked in.“

“Morgan, stop laughing…”