The Lie That Changed My Life

“Abortion,” I said my eyes welling up with tears. “My mom and dad have already disowned me because of this baby; I quit football to get a job, lost my scholarship, all to support this kid. How could you do this? Why would you do this?”

“You don’t understand Steve, you don’t have to carry a baby!” she told me.

“You right Cynthia, I don’t have to and I don’t understand. I don’t think I ever will… Have a nice life,” I told her then slammed the door behind me.

* * *

“How long have we worked here, 13 years right?” Jim asked.

“That sounds about right, we started right after college. The real question is how many times have we decided to quit?” I said attempting to appear cheerful.

“Ha, a lot more than 13, we just keep coming back, day after day. What’s wrong Steve, you were awfully quite on the ride to work today, we have been riding together for five years, and you have never been this quiet.”

“Jim, something has come up.”

“Quitting again?”

“Ha I wish. I would walk out today if I could. No this is a little different.” I told him.

“Are the kids alright, what a about Meredith, are you guys fighting again?” Jim asked.

“The kids are fine. Meredith and I are doing ok, at least for now.”

“Come on Steve, your killing me. We talk about everything and have for years.”

“Alright, I got an email from an old girlfriend, a girl I knew in college, before Meredith.” I said looking down at the floor.

“Just ignore it, what’s the big deal?” Jim advised.

“I have a daughter.” I said, still avoiding eye contact with Jim.

“You have three daughters, I don’t follow.”

“I guess I have four, she wants to meet.”

“Your daughter wants to meet you?” Jim asked.

“No, her mother wants to meet. She told me she got an abortion, this is the first time she has told me about the kid. She has been lying to our daughter all these years. She says her conscious is getting to her, she wants to meet so she can stop lying.” I said looking up at Jim.

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know yet. What would I say to her, what would I say to Meredith and my daughters?”

* * *

That day changed my life in ways that are beyond words. Everything was different; the way I looked at life was different. It was my new take on life that led me to Meredith and my three beautiful daughters. I have spent countless nights wandering what that child would have been like, wandering what she would have brought to the world. I want to hate Cynthia for lying, for not letting me be a part of my child’s life. But I don’t know how to hate her, I am so happy with what I have become, with how life is now. Maybe I am in dept to her, who knows what I would have become if she had been honest.

This short fiction was inspired by the Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught

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