Has it Gone to Far

Funny Stories Brony

Copyright – Douglas M. Macllroy

“Sir, I think it’s gone too far. Humanity has finally crossed the line.”

“Continue my son.”

“I have never understood war, killing each other in your name. But this, how can heaven ignore this? Is it finally time for the apocalypse? Time to start again, perhaps the chosen few that survive will better understand your love and peace.”

“So you propose more killing, more death in my name.”

“When you say it like that… Sir it’s just… I just don’t see how Bronies* are acceptable.

 Funny Stories brony3

* According to the urban dictionary Brony is a name typically given to the male viewrs/fans of the My Little Pony show or franchise.


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26 thoughts on “Has it Gone to Far

    • That’s what I said. The word just came into my life today, when I saw the prompt this story came to mind and would not go away. Thanks for commenting!

  1. I agree that this can’t be tolerated. 🙂 One of our daughters used to shop at Hot Topic, where I was always amazed at the combination of leather and spikes with My Little Ponies and the like. Weird stuff. You may win the most unique story of the week! 🙂


  2. Twisted, my friend … very twisted. How do you even know that? Thanks for the good laugh. I think you’re pretty right on the money; JC will prob’ly drop the hammer over the Bronies.

  3. Lol. Bronies are fans of My Little Pony and 2 boys in my son’s middle school crowd decided that they were Bronies.

    I saw a debate about the bratz-like human figured my little pony dolls coming out and I wanted to ask where is the Broney doll??

  4. this is really more terrifying than my story …lol bronies. don’t know what they are, and i don’t give a … as long as they stay away from me. haha 🙂 🙂 fun story

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