Funny Stories

Short Funny Stories

by Lewis Cave

If you’re looking for short funny stories of all types you are in the right place. Below, the stories are in six sub categories, each story has a short description so you can find some that are funny to you. I can’t promise everyone will find all of them funny, but I get a laugh out of them and I hope you will too! Most of the stories are very short, between 100 and 200 words so they are perfect for a chuckle in the middle of your busy day.  If you are looking for a tearjerker or something a little more serious, check out my short fiction page. You can find my newest stories on my blog so make sure and stop by there too. Happy Reading!

Funny Stories about Relationships

Trip to the Hills: Here’s a funny story about a hypochondriac that should have gone to the doctor.

You Hung Up on Me: Sometimes teenagers get a little carried away while trying to say goodbye. This one sure did.

The Toothpaste Again: It’s hard to get used to a new live in partner. Things are bound to change and can be funny from an outsiders perspective.

Internet Tuff Guy: Not all Internet surfers are responsible with their words, this tuff guy’s wife chimes in.

You Sorry Loser: A story about one couples interesting end to a dinner date. An ending that will make you laugh.

One-Way Ticket to Mars: Wow a trip to mars. If you get a chance to go make sure you go for the right reasons. Of course, that is not what happens here.

She is so Old: A man and his wife have a misunderstanding when talking about a relative. It may take a while for this guy to work off his mistake.

Short Funny Stories about Work

Wandering Mind: Sometimes boredom is a soldier’s worst enemy; you never know where your mind will wander, hopefully this guy can look back and laugh.

Your Fired: An Army Veteran is trying to find his way in the civilian work force but his temper is getting in the way.

The Cafeteria: This is a short funny story about confusion in the cafeteria. It is amazing what changes with perspective!

Another Case of the Mondays: A bad Monday is getting worse until Jim decides to take advantage of a supervisor’s negligence.

Funny Stories about Parenting

Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping: A couple that’s trying to keep their marriage interesting meets a few of the challenges of parenthood.

A Journey to Die For: An action packed account of the delivery of a special charm.

The Amends Trip: A story of a grandfathers attempt to make amends, this is his story of the trips events.

Funny Stories about Drinking and Partying

Story Throw Up: This one is a short funny story about drinking too much and trying to express your creative genius.

The Morning After: Sometimes things get rough; rough enough to leave evidence that has to be explained the next day. This is the short story of that explanation.

Shots All Around: Drinking with Steve: Steve is a wild man with all kinds of antics. This is a funny story of one night out.

Last Night’s Temptation: A night that should have ended in sweet delight takes an unexpected turn.

Love at First Sight: Here’s a guy that knows what he wants. This story takes me back to a time I’m not so proud of.


Where’s the Pearly Gate: Angels have to have fun too, I just hope it’s not me they play a joke on. In this funny story, you will read about one such joke.

What if Every Wish Came True: This is a funny story of one person’s introduction to quantum physic’s explanation of reality.

Has it Gone to Far: Here’s a funny description of heaven’s opinion of one aspect of popular culture, bronies to be more specific.

The Girlfriend Statue: Frank and Jim’s weird neighbor starts a micro religion. Ya it’s weird but I think it’s funny.

Day of Judgment: One guy finds out what puts him over the line on judgment day. Why not laugh about a serious situation.

Other Short Funny Stories

Forsaken: Don’t let your wild side get away form you, it could end in catastrophe. This is a funny story of 100 words you will surely enjoy.

The Merge Left Joke: Sometimes it’s fun to hear both sides of a story. This is a funny story that takes you on two sides of a traffic jam.

Reckless Dreamer, Life’s Lover with a Hopeless Addiction to Pink: Two strangers meet in a bar and an interesting story begins, the conclusion is a bit unusual.

The Jewels: Who got the jewels and where are they? This story gets on two sides of the situation but doesn’t necessarily offer any solutions, just a chuckle.

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