You Sorry Loser

“Are you ready?”“Just give me a second to bite down.” A moment later he nodded.

“You sorry loser!” she screamed then slapped him across the face.

He stood up, “Let me explain,” he said. She was already walking away. “Get back here,” he ordered, still no response.

He quickly made his way through the crowd after her. Outside, flailing and cursing he kicked the bike that was leaning against the tree then continued down the sidewalk.

As he rounded the corner his phone rang.

“Did it work sweetheart?”

“Yep, another free dinner!”


This story represents my entry into Friday Fictioneers.


17 thoughts on “You Sorry Loser

  1. I liked the confusion of what was happening in the beginning, with the slap and storming out of the bar, and that you cleared it up with the last line. What a wild idea to get a free dinner.

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