Short Fiction

Welcome to Short Fiction by Lewis Cave

If you want to read Short fiction stories you have come to the right place. I love to write and short fiction is one of my favorite things. I also write funny stories, which are fiction as well, but if you are looking for something a little more dramatic or even a bit scary you are in the right place.

Short Fiction about War and its many tragedies

Beware of what you wish for: Sometimes military life is tough to handle for both the spouse and the soldier. This is a fiction story that describes one such relationship.

A Child’s Eyes: This story dances with love and hate in a war zone and the complexity of the universe and synchronicity.

How a Bullet Changed My Faith: Sometimes it takes something drastic for someone to challenge his or her core beliefs. That is what happened here!

Graveside: this story was motivated by a news broadcast about the war in Syria. This short fiction tries to capture the emotions of loss from such a devastating situation.

Love and Loss: No Collection of Short Fiction is complete without it

Dance Recital: Sometimes love is unconditional; check out this short fiction story to see that kind of love.

Sally’s car: sometimes looking for a little adventure can really take you off course. Sally sure learned that lesson.

Just visiting family: This is a sad fiction story about a trip abroad gone horribly wrong.

Guardian: Sometimes something as small as a butterfly can have tremendous meaning in the eyes of the viewer.

Nobody’s Perfect: In this short fiction story you will find a man who has let the pressures of success get to him. His methods of dealing with life’s troubles may be his demise.

A Great Gift: discover a warrior’s gift, which was the mission from higher command. Don’t miss out on his discovery.

Parenting Stories

Journey to the Castle: Planning and preparation are everything. Don’t get caught short!

The Lie That Changed My Life: lies can really distort a situation, and left alone a lie can destroy the lives that those involved. Check out this example.




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