Short Fiction

Welcome to Short Fiction by Lewis Cave

If you want to read Short fiction stories you have come to the right place. I love to write and short fiction is one of my favorite things. I also write funny stories, which are fiction as well, but if you are looking for something a little more dramatic or even a bit scary you are in the right place.

Short Fiction about War and its many tragedies

Beware of what you wish for: Sometimes military life is tough to handle for both the spouse and the soldier. This is a fiction story that describes one such relationship.

A Child’s Eyes: This story dances with love and hate in a war zone and the complexity of the universe and synchronicity.

How a Bullet Changed My Faith: Sometimes it takes something drastic for someone to challenge his or her core beliefs. That is what happened here!

Graveside: this story was motivated by a news broadcast about the war in Syria. This short fiction tries to capture the emotions of loss from such a devastating situation.

Love and Loss: No Collection of Short Fiction is complete without it

Dance Recital: Sometimes love is unconditional; check out this short fiction story to see that kind of love.

Sally’s car: sometimes looking for a little adventure can really take you off course. Sally sure learned that lesson.

Just visiting family: This is a sad fiction story about a trip abroad gone horribly wrong.

Guardian: Sometimes something as small as a butterfly can have tremendous meaning in the eyes of the viewer.

Nobody’s Perfect: In this short fiction story you will find a man who has let the pressures of success get to him. His methods of dealing with life’s troubles may be his demise.

A Great Gift: discover a warrior’s gift, which was the mission from higher command. Don’t miss out on his discovery.

Parenting Stories

Journey to the Castle: Planning and preparation are everything. Don’t get caught short!

The Lie That Changed My Life: lies can really distort a situation, and left alone a lie can destroy the lives that those involved. Check out this example.

I wrote this short fiction story while I should have been sleeping.

Constant nagging of a voice within, you can do this, just one more. Relentless battle, giving in, takes it slow. The explanations persist. Sleep is a crutch my mind contends, you’ve gone with less so why stop now you’re almost done!

I don’t submit, this time I fight. The shower stings, its icy touch fails to stop the endless torment of my gyratory wit. I need help. I ruminate as I lie in bed eyes open wide. Should I wake her? The notion eases my mind. No this is my fight let her sleep.

My mind persists. Its tainted rhetoric pulls me further down the polluted river of my existence. I’m already up; sleep won’t be here any time soon. I give up. I cease the fight, besides I’m almost done. I sit up knowing that day will bring a dim dreary version of reality.

Alcohol? No it’s been six months. Drugs perhaps? Nope, ten years have passed. What, you ask? It’s these words that plague my mind both night and day. The words I write, no that’s not true. The words I can’t write bring obsession, passion and helpless addiction into my life.

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